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Our Story

Through each passion, a story is created!

Here is a close-knit team that only appetite, ambition and enthusiasm bring them together to continue a tradition around a unique home cooking with its delicious and succulent flavors! Their love for cooking is an invaluable asset that has everything to make their guests travel to the heart of the Bistro Saint-Sauveur, bring their own favorite wine and make them discover a way of living together that goes through the taste buds. It is also thanks to their exceptional talents that are shared to concoct all kinds of authentic meals using inseparable ingredients and which give a surprising result rich in history, flavors and colors

A few words from the Bistro Saint-Sauveur team!

Our commitment drives us to innovate and surpass ourselves. Rigor is the trust that leads us to excellence. Our skills bring us together through the flame of creating and distinguishing ourselves with originality. The breadth of flavors, the delicacy of textures, the richness of aromas are only perfect if they come from deep in the heart. Precisely, it is for these reasons that our vision forms the courage to constantly renew and perfect ourselves in the exercise of mastering the art of tasting. From our assiduity, our Team has the art to fulfil the satisfaction of our guests and surprising their taste buds.


We offer you a menu that is intended to be an evolving and thoughtful experience in the desire to let you be guided by the creative magic of our executive chef Daniel.

Our recipes are meticulously prepared for you and designed to your liking!

Our welcome to the Bistro St-Sauveur is affirmed by delicacy and distinction to offer a friendly, warm and blameless atmosphere!


Dynamic, organized and responsible managers!

With honor, Mrs. Vasilina a visionary who never seems to stop: trustworthy, a businesswoman with an inspiring career, she has distinguished herself by her major restoration projects, where the realization of her many projects have been successful through the past and current years! She is recognized and loved by the guests of St-Sauveur. She is also recognized for her excellent analytical skills, her sense of organization and strategy. Obviously, she stands out for her professional ethics and her friendly welcome. From experience, his human side combines a flourishing expertise!


Mr. Daniel is a chef educated by the history of French cuisine! Of certainty, he resonates with his distinctive talents, his ultra-creative culinary recipes and modern styles! His cuisine shines with ingredients that are full of flavors. With his humor, he has the ability to rally and motivate his team towards the achievement of a common goal.


Last but not least, Rudy stands out for his management skills, his restaurant knowledge, his interpersonal skills and his remarkable leadership. In addition, he masterfully directs his expertise and advice in hospitality education for future managers. By nature, he has a great ability to offer personalized service in a relaxed style! More than ever, he is resolutely oriented towards action and team management. Gentleman and generous, he does not back down from any challenge to bring his team together!

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